MTP Mobile: You'll be Impressed

MTP Mobile is Here

This week, we are happy to announce the rollout of Method Test Prep’s Mobile Responsive Design (MRD). This new interface, created specifically for users who access MTP using their mobile devices, represents an exciting development for the future of our SAT and ACT prep programs. It is the result of months of careful planning and work that incorporated both helpful feedback from our users and our own vision for what a truly functional and flexible mobile SAT and ACT prep program should be.

Why Not an App?

Especially over the past year, it has become clear that students and educators are increasingly likely to access MTP not from traditional desktop platforms, but from smartphones and tablets. For our software, the solution could have taken two forms: an app built specifically for a given device, or a mobile-optimized site. Both of these options would adjust the appearance and functionality of the software to enhance user experience on a smaller screen.

We seriously considered developing a Method Test Prep app, which would have been available for download from various app outlets. Over months of careful consideration and discussion, however, we decided that a traditional app was not the right move for Method Test Prep. There were a few main reasons.

(1) Apps are OS-specific. Developing an app for different mobile platforms means coding specifically for different operating systems. This can significantly slow any necessary fixes or improvements, as each mobile operating system (iOS and Android, for example) demands particular code. We wanted to ensure that future developments are not only quick to surface, but are also accessible for all users, independent of the operating systems their individual devices use.

(2) Apps require installation. While smartphones and tablets have become enormously prevalent, there are still many students who cannot afford these devices, and thus would not be able to download an app that allowed access to our mobile platform. By creating a mobile-flexible in-browser design, we preserve access to the newest form of our program for in-school mobile technology, which might be the only option for certain students who want to use our program.

(3) Apps limit important functionality. Anyone who has used Method Test Prep knows that we’ve designed it to present a clean, intuitive interface. But this ease-of-use belies the complexity of the behind-the-scenes code. We determined that if we were to create an MTP app, many of the features our students and educators use regularly would have to be excluded. This was a compromise we weren’t willing to make. In contrast, our MRD preserves and enables the functionality our users engage with most frequently.

What to Expect

In the coming weeks, we’ll be writing posts that highlight the most exciting features of our MRD. To whet your appetite, here’s a preview of what they’ll emphasize.

(1) A more robust interface than that of any other mobile SAT/ACT prep app. Through our MRD, students and educators will have access to our full checklist of evaluations, lessons, quizzes, exams, audio, and video explanations.

(2) Exciting new ways to use our MRD in the classroom. The MRD will allow more seamless interaction between teachers and their students.

(3) Engaging design that encourages real progress. It’s often the case that “gamification”––an unavoidable buzzword surrounding educational apps––obscures content. Our MRD delivers content using a friendly design that places emphasis on making significant progress toward SAT/ACT score improvement.

Look out for our upcoming posts, and see what we’ve got in store!

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