The 3 Biggest Problems with Most Test Prep Solutions

SAT course costs ACT course costs resized 600Scoring well on the SAT or ACT is important, and as such, finding the right test prep solution is an essential step in college prep. Test prep solutions come in all shapes and sizes – from one volume books to multiple sessions of in person classes. While this type of variety is great, it can also make finding the right solution frustrating for educators, parents and students.

SAT prep courses and ACT prep courses are helpful in preparing students for either test, but not all test prep solutions are created equally. Without making the right decision, you may end up wasting time, money and energy without seeing results. You need to weigh the pros and cons to find the best test prep solution.

Whether you’re evaluating a test prep solution for your district, your school or your child, watch out for these three common problems.

1. Costs involved

One of the biggest complaints parents have about traditional test prep is the costs involved. Private tutors, home study courses and group seminars come with a steep price tag. Students whose parents can afford to pay for customized programs generally do well, but this isn’t the case for all students. School districts rarely have the funds to spend on expensive test prep courses for their students. That leaves many students going without SAT or ACT test prep that can be critical in their success on the test and later on in college.

2. Outdated methods of instruction

Students today are interacting with and absorbing information in completely new ways. In the last ten years, the technology has transformed education. Even when students aren’t in the classroom, their lives are being changed by technology. As a result, technology based test prep solutions are going to be more engaging for today’s students and therefore bring about better results.

SAT prep courses and ACT prep courses that involve technology have multiple benefits. They can be customized to help individual students zero in on specific skills and subjects they need to master. They are more engaging which helps students stay involved with the test prep process. Text-based and classroom-based test prep courses can definitely be effective, but in order to get the best results you should look for a test prep solution that uses technology.

3. No personalized support.

Most ACT prep courses and SAT prep courses are one size fits all. They are created to get the major points and information across in a way that is accessible to everyone. Although this can be very convenient for instructors who are teaching large groups, it’s not as effective as personalized support. Students who take the SAT and ACT can benefit more from detailed instruction based on their unique needs. Private tutors can provide this type of personalized instruction, but the cost makes them prohibitive for most. Technology based test prep solutions can provide customized support for each student based on their needs.

Don’t become overwhelmed by the choices out there. You can narrow the field by avoiding these three problems. The answer is as simple as finding a technology based solution that can be customized to a student’s unique needs.


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