Want To Know What To Aim For? Here Are The Average SAT Scores

Kid-thumbFor any student preparing to go to college, the SAT tests are often a daunting event. The scores that a student obtains from the tests largely decide what colleges accept them, which can make or break the higher education dreams of high school students. More than that, students often are not sure how much to prepare for the test, or what scores to aim for. This only invites more unnecessary anxiety for a test that is already stressful enough.

Of course, a student should look into the required SAT scores for the colleges or universities they are looking into attending. However, for those who are preparing themselves to take the SAT, or even for those who already have their scores and want to know where they fall in terms of success, there is one question they probably want answered: what is the average SAT score? Luckily, the class of 2013's average SAT scores in the categories of critical reading, mathematics, and writing are now available for public viewing.

According to the official CollegeBoard website, the average scores for the three sections of the test are as follows: 497 in critical reading, 513 in mathematics, and 487 in the writing section. By analyzing this, students can see where former test-takers have had the most difficulty in the past. While the category scores from 2013 are relatively close to each other, it appears that the writing section, composed of one essay and one section of multiple choice questions, gave students the most trouble.

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