We are trying to figure out how to more efficiently help teachers, students, and parents learn the basics of Method Test Prep. Not surprisingly, we get the same good questions over and over again:

Laptop Work-1
  • What resources do you have for the New SAT?
  • How do other teachers use Method Test Prep in their classrooms?
  • How do I help one of my students who has forgotten his password?
  • How do I see the results of a quiz I assigned to my class?
  • How do I set up a class in Method Test Prep?

So we did the obvious and started creating 3 minute videos that answered these and other specific questions. These videos have proven to be very helpful and people like the fact that they can watch them on-demand. 

Would you like to send out a quick video to the parents and students in your school community about The New SAT checklist we have created? 

We have a video for that:


Are you a math teacher who wants a quick idea of how other math teachers use Method Test Prep as a resource in their classrooms? 

We have a video for that



Are you an English teacher wondering the same thing? 

We have a video for that


Do you want to set up a class so you can monitor if your students are doing the work and how they are performing on that work? 

We have a video for that


For our full list of Help Videos, just go to http://www.methodtestprep.com/help

Note: These videos can also be found in the Method Test Prep Resource Center. For example, our help video “Using Method Test Prep as a tool in any Math Classroom” can be found here.

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