Two Reasons Your PSAT Scores Could Matter


two_reasons.jpgWhether you did really well on the PSAT, or you are embarrassed by your low scores, you might be wondering if PSAT scores matter. The good news, if your scores were not as high as you would like, is that universities do not see PSAT scores. Even though your scores will not be revealed to prospective schools, there are at least two reasons they may matter.

First, the PSAT and SAT are similar in format. Your PSAT scores will help you understand how prepared you are for the SAT. The scores will even include information on how you did on different sections of the test. This will help you better understand your academic strengths and weaknesses. Then you can dedicate more studying time to your academic shortcomings.

A second reason your scores matter is that scoring high on the test could qualify you for scholarships. Each year, 50,000 students are recognized in the National Merit Scholarship Competition. While not all of these students will become National Merit Scholars, simply being recognized by the program may qualify the student for an assortment of other scholarship opportunities, which may cover thousands of dollars of the student's college expenses.  

Of course, there are certain qualifications beyond just high PSAT scores that must be met to get a scholarship through the National Merit Scholarship Competition. These include taking the test during the student's junior year of high school. Exceptions to the junior status are made for students who graduated in three years or fewer. High academic performance as well as taking the SAT and getting scores that confirm your PSAT scores are other qualifications. The student will also need to be fully endorsed by the student's principal or other school official and be either a citizen of the U.S. or a permanent resident who is seeking citizenship.

Now, that you have completed the PSAT, it is time to prepare for the SAT or ACT. Contact us if you need help preparing for either test or if you need tutoring in a particular subject. We offer both online and in-person test prep and tutoring.

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