Students Can Spark Usage of Method Test Prep Among Peers

Hundreds of schools across the country have subscribed to Method Test Prep’s self-paced online ACT and SAT programs. Tens of thousands of students use the program every day, but schools are always looking for strategies to increase total logins. Many schools have discovered that a secret to raising the number of students using the program is to rely on peer interaction: students who are happy with the program are the best advertising, but they are an underutilized source of information within a school community.

Students-Thumb_(1)-1In many of these schools, the students have spent a few periods “presenting” in a computer lab to a group of students who listen to a quick overview from the student leader and then go on their computer/tablet/phone and follow the tasks the student leader assigned.  In this way, student leaders gain valuable experience improving their public speaking/storytelling skills as well as their presentation skills. For all of us who have sat through a mind-numbing PowerPoint presentation, we all understand the incredible value of these skills in today’s world.  Students also gain practice in the age-old craft of persuasion as they convince their peers about the value of preparing for college. We also know that the best way to understand a concept is to explain it to someone else.   “While we teach, we learn,” - Roman philosopher Seneca.

Schools have also had students rehearse and deliver announcements at assemblies or over the school’s PA system reminding students about Method Test Prep. These announcements can take place at strategic times throughout the year, say the week before an ACT, SAT, or PSAT.  Students also come up with the best ideas as far as a Method Test Prep summer usage or school usage contest goes. They know what rewards will get their peer most motivated.

We all know that kids often listen to their peers more than adults. We also know that students today feel so comfortable with technology, software, and learning online. This idea of having students take the lead with getting their peers to use Method Test Prep leverages both of these facts. You might want to leverage both of these facts by letting students take the lead when implementing Method Test Prep at your school.

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