SAT and ACT News and Advice from Around the Web

SAT and ACT News resized 600The last SAT and ACT date for this school year is quickly approaching!  The SAT will take place on June 2nd and the ACT will be administered June 9th. But even though this test taking season is winding to an end, there are still some great resources and news being published about both tests. Here’s a roundup of some stories and posts that deserve your attention.

College Board Statistics Show that ACT and SAT Average Scores are Dropping – As reported by Alabama News station WAFF, the last year the College Board statistics showed that scores dropped to some of the lowest in 40 years. In order to help incoming freshman, many colleges and universities are putting together summer programs that will better prepare students for college academics. Called transitional courses, these classes are intended to bridge the gap between high school learned and college level courses.

12 Year Old Gets Perfect Score on Math SAT – There’s one student in Buffalo Grove, NY that won’t need to take transitional courses when the time comes. Joshua Yoon, who is just a sixth grader, scored perfectly on the Math portion of the SAT. He was part of a special group of sixth graders invited to take the SAT based on their school assessment performance. The SAT program is offered to Lake Country Educational Services Talent Search, but similar programs are available in counties throughout the United States.

What Should I Take and When? – This clear guide to the SAT and ACT gives students, parents and educators a apples to apples comparison of the two college admissions tests. The post goes over the basics of the SAT and ACT, and who should take either one of the tests. In addition, it includes information on the Accuplacer Test, which some community colleges use to place incoming freshman in appropriate classes.

How Does the College Board Affect Academic Education – This article provides a complete rundown of the ways that the College Board affects a student’s academic future. Everything you’ve ever wanted to know about the College Board’s founding, functioning and testing practices. The College Board is responsible for the SAT and PSAT testing only.

Homeschool SAT and ACT Tips – Direct from Princeton University, this offer spells out exactly what homeschooled or alternative schooled students need to do in order to apply for college. The guidelines can be used for traditional students as well and provide a good benchmark to shoot for since Princeton is a top tier school.

How Much Should a Student Study for the SAT? – Aimed directly at students, this guide provides a down to earth list of study considerations. These general test taking tips have been adapted for the SAT specifically. As a teacher or administrator, these tips would be a great starting point for informing and inspiring students.

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