SAT And ACT Test Taking Tips Round Up

SAT & ACT tipsTaking the college prep tests are one of the most important steps that students take when they are headed for college. In addition to preparing for the subject matter on the SAT or ACT, students should also be prepared for the process of taking the test. Getting enough rest, working efficiently through the different sections of the test and using test taking strategy can all help students score successfully.

Here’s a round up of the best test taking tips to share with students:

SAT Test Day Simulator – The College Board’s official page for the SAT features a fun SAT test day simulator. Students watch 12 different scenes that cover SAT preparation from getting up in the morning to every step of the test. There’s even a checklist for SAT prep that will keep students focused.   

ACT Test Day Procedures  - The official ACT test site offers a comprehensive checklist for students. The tips include when to arrive for the test and how to move through sections of the test. 

Top 10 SAT and ACT Test-Taking Tips – This guide from Family Education has some practical tips no matter what test a student is taking. From dressing layers to avoiding the experimental sections of the test to save time, these tips will help any student score better. 

Subject Specific ACT and SAT Test Taking Tips – This list covers the more familiar test taking advice, but also delves into subject specific tips for both the ACT and SAT. Learn how to master the critical reading section, written essay, multiple choice and math sections. 

SAT Tips for Test Day – This article has some terrific SAT specific advice – like using your SAT test book for scratch work and keeping track of your time while you’re working through the sections. It’s a good review for the basic elements of taking a test.

ACT Tips to Ace the Test – This ACT specific article has 15 essential tips to help students master the ACT. The tips include advice for coming back to tough questions, bringing a watch to mark your time and practice as much as possible before the test. 

Developing the Mental Stamina for Test Taking – This article focuses on making sure the most important test taking tool – a student’s brain – is up to par for the test. By working out their brains prior to the test they’ll think more clearly, be able to handle the testing process and score better.

With this collection of tips and tricks – combined with test prep software – students can score better on the SAT and ACT, and set themselves up for college success. 

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