Are you curious about an Independent Educational Consultant?

Are you curious about an independent educational consultant? What purpose does one serve  How does a family locate a qualified and competent professional? How about the fee?  What do they do?  

Over 26% of students who attend private colleges utilize the services of an educational consultant 

Families seek customized service for the college journey in addition to utilizing the high school counselor. Meeting times include after-school, evening, weekend, and during students’ breaks from school. Oftentimes, the educational consultant spends 20 hours, and more, working directly with the student, family, and conducting research on their behalf. Consider the guidance as extra tutoring or instruction on how to navigate the college application process.  

The key is to hire a credentialed professional. Membership in several of these organizations-,,, are the sign of a consultant who is professionally qualified and vetted, conducts annual college visits, actively participates in professional development, and remains current on college admission trends.  

Services and fees vary widely for guidance on various components from essay brainstorming to complete oversight of the application. Educational consultants are in all shapes and sizes including individual boutique practitioners, multi-office operations, and webcam based counseling. Areas of expertise may include athletic, performing and visual arts, learning disability, therapeutic, boarding, community based Tutor-Thumborganizations, college funding, and financial aid.

Most important is to select a professional that relates well and works with the student to create an insightful application that illuminates unique traits, values, experiences, and educational goals. The end result is to identify the best fit college that addresses academic, social, emotional, and financial support for an exciting and beneficial college experience.

Guest post by Debra Landesberg:

Debra Landesberg, Master of Science in Continuing Education/Counseling and Certified College Counselor, guides students and families in the college application process. Through her work with My College Resource and Florida high schools Debra uses her expertise to provide information on financial aid, scholarships, college essays, resumes, and more!


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