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Let's do some time travel

Parents: think back…back to your time in school, when you sat down in fourth period Trigonometry or sixth period Chemistry to learn a topic. Your teacher would show you how to do something. It made sense in class. In a few hours––maybe after theater rehearsal or baseball practice––you sat down to do your homework. You drew a blank. You went back to your notes, but suddenly realized that what was clear before had become utterly incomprehensible.  bet you didn't know about our subject tutoring

More than one way

I remember a similar story from my first semester freshman year at college. I had never seen calculus before and found myself trying to absorb derivatives from an unenthusiastic professor with a bad temper and a thick accent. I went to office hours and asked him, "How do you interpret this notation right here?" He huffed, "There is no interpretation. You just do this," as he scribbled something on the board. To say the least, it wasn't helpful. I went back to my dorm and, through a mixture of self-sufficiency and getting a different style of explanation from my engineer roommate, finally grasped the concept from there forward. It was then that I realized: contrary to what my professor had stated, there is interpretation. There is more than one way to look at things. There is a chance to understand, if only one can see things differently.

Students experience this sort of challenge every day. Many teachers––especially here on Long Island––are talented educators who work hard to present the abstract material they teach in an accessible way. Still, for many students, the way things are presented in the classroom isn't right for them. It's no one's fault. It's no one's failure. It's just how things are. Learning is a complex process that demands time, practice, and perhaps a different approach from the standard.

Why we do what we do

This is why Method Test Prep offers subject tutoring. We know that many students simply aren't learning in the way that is best suited to their own learning styles. As experienced educators, Method Test Prep tutors understand that they might have to present a technique or concept in three or four different ways before a student genuinely understands it. In the fifteen years of our organization's history, we have seen students who struggled with physics and history, algebra and biology, calculus and writing, transform into confident masters of their material. Sometimes, it just takes a different approach. 

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