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Part 1 of our mission here at Method Test Prep is


I know we’re working hard to accomplish this mission, but I decided to pull some data from our program to get a sense of just how many students we’re helping. The data provided a pleasant surprise: many parents, myself included, are still getting comfortable with the idea of their children learning online. The numbers below are encouraging signs that students are willing to put in the time to train online in order to improve their English and math skills.

1,242,000 questions

The total number of questions answered by the students who have used Method Test Prep in the last week.

99,967 words

The total number of vocabulary words mastered by students who have been on Method Test Prep in the last week.

These two numbers are very gratifying to me. To think that students practiced their English, math, and science skills through completing more than one million questions makes all of the time spent developing the program worth it.

I then wanted to drill down to individual students. Here are a couple of data points.

426 questions

The total number of questions answered on Method Test Prep by a particularly hard-working student in the last week.

420 words

The total number of vocabulary words mastered by a single student who has been on Method Test Prep in the last week. The student didn’t master all 420 in one week. He mastered these word over many months but in the past week had finished mastering all 420. This takes an impressive level of commitment and concentration, as mastering this many words with our Vocabulary Builder tool is hard to do.

21 logins

The number of times a number of students have logged into Method Test Prep in the last week. This stat was meaningful to me because when you build a test prep program, you know it isn’t going to compete with Candy Crush. The fact that students are finding the program valuable enough to log back in multiple times a day over the course of a week is rewarding.

The data are powerful. Students can learn––and are learning––online. I know that students can raise their ACT and SAT scores. Students who use Method Test Prep’s online program for 25 hours total increase their scores 150 points on the SAT and 3 points on the ACT.  Most students don’t score as high as they should simply because they don’t train enough for these tests.

(especially since I know that many of these students are using the program through an account paid for by their schools, which means that outstanding test preparation is available to them at no cost to their families.)

We get many thank-yous from parents that tell us their children were able to raise their scores after using our program. These families often tell us about the colleges to which their students were now able to gain admission, or about the additional scholarship packages that they are now receiving due to their higher test scores. These letters make it really easy to get out of bed in the morning and continue to improve what we are offering to students, families, and schools.

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