ACT/SAT Comparison: The One Document You'll Need

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At some point, high school students––along with the teachers, parents, and counselors who work with them––will wonder how best to answer the question, “Should I take the ACT and/or SAT?” In certain states that require all juniors to take one exam or the other, the answer is no mystery. But even students in those states (especially college-bound students) may wonder what the other test is like, and if taking it could earn them higher scores. To help address this question, Method Test Prep is pleased to offer you a simple document that compares and contrasts the ACT and SAT.

Most students figure they should take both the ACT and SAT, but this path is time consuming, stressful, and expensive. Method Test Prep wants to help demystify these exams so that students are prepared to earn their highest possible scores. Our document provides links to sign up for the tests, describes the security measures students must be aware of, and details the registration fees for each exam. The document also provides a summary of what each section of the tests covers, and explains how the tests are scored and when students can expect to receive their score reports. Furthermore, it provides information about fee waivers, which are important for low-income families. Finally, it includes information about services offered by the test companies that can make the first test serve as the most effective kind of practice for a second sitting.

Schools, independent counselors, and community organizations should feel free to print this document and distribute it to the students with whom they work. Method Test Prep is your partner for all things related to the ACT and SAT. We have an industry leading self-paced online program, and offer private tutoring and ACT & SAT test prep classes designed to help students raise their scores while learning valuable academic information that will help them in school and life beyond. Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of service to you!

Click here to download the ACT & SAT Comparison document!

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