3 ways to prepare for college before you are a Senior in High School


The world of college admissions is full of daunting tasks. From applications to interviews, essays to testing, preparing for college is a process. Truthfully, colleges start their recruiting process earlier and earlier these days.  What can you do early to be ready?

aab09b60e4aaf624666a464215ad4b34.jpg1) Research!

You may think that it is too early to think about college. You may even begin to get print materials sent in the mail as a freshman in high school. Instead of droning at the idea, embrace it. Begin your prep early and start weaning out those colleges that don’t offer what you are looking for. If you don’t know what you want yet, that is okay! Make a list of your priorities and start with that. You won’t pick a college until you are a senior, but research now can really help you later.

2) Go on college visits!

Check out as many campuses as you can so that you can begin to narrow down your options. Make a list of things that you want out of college. As you visit each school, check off what it has and does not have. Rate each thing by importance. This can save you time later

3) Study! Study! Study!

Sure, interviews and applications won’t start until you are a senior, but testing generally begins during your junior year, with practice tests starting as early as your sophomore year. Most colleges require and accept either the ACT or the SAT. Some will even look at both. It is never too early to begin preparing. Take as many practice tests as possible! Form a study group with your friends! Look for professional help! Find a prep course like the one’s offered through Method Test Prep. It’s never too early to invest in your future. A few extra hours of studying a month can make the difference in acceptance to your number one choice school.

Preparing for college doesn’t have to be a chore. Have fun and start early.  Make your senior year seem like a breeze because you planned ahead!  Don't be afraid to ask for help.  Contact us with questions!

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