What is a realistic increase from PSAT to SAT scores?

My son scored a 1240 on the PSAT. What is a realistic increase?

I received a typical call from a mom of a high school junior the other day. Her son had scored a 1240 on the PSAT and she was wondering if that was a good score and how much he could expect to improve if he worked through the entire Method Test Prep New SAT checklist.

increaseI let her know that a 1240 was indeed an above average score. I also explained that it was hard to say how much her son could expect to improve since this is a new test but that a 110 point improvement to a 1350 would be a reasonable goal. Some students will go up more than that but an increase of 110 points would be very realistic if a student listened to our audio lessons, worked through the practice questions and watched the video explanations of the questions they got wrong.

Since the student’s school was paying for all students to have access to Method Test Prep, I explained to the parent that she shouldn’t spend a penny on test preparation until her son had worked through the entire checklist (1 hour per week of work) and had taken a real SAT to see where he scores.

The May SAT has the advantage over the March and June SAT in that families can order the College Board’s Question and Answer Service on the May SAT. You pay an extra $18 and they mail the entire test booklet back to you with the answer key and what the student answered for each question. This way you can analyze your mistakes and prepare intelligently for your second crack at the SAT.

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