SAT and ACT: Credit By Examination

Credits for prior learning encourage adult students to return to college and complete their degree.  Prior learning credits prove you comprehend the subject well enough to skip the class.  With credit-by-examination, the CLEP and DSST are the main tests to exchange learning for credit.  Did you know your ACT and SAT scores count as prior learning credits too?  High school students can use the ACT and SAT scores to earn college credit. 

7658272558_1d83fa7b32_bListed under credit-by-exam, the ACT and SAT can perform double duty: college admissions and college credit.  Earn an acceptable score according to college guidelines and gain English and math credits. Therefore, taking the course over again is unnecessary.  Moreover, the credit earned may or may not count toward GPA.  It depends on the college.  What all colleges do is accept courses and separate credit-by-exam from college-earned grades.  This approach works for home schooled students too. 

If you decide to use your ACT and/or SAT scores to earn college credit, ensure the college allows it.  Not all colleges accept prior learning credits.  Even so, the college may not accept ACT and SAT exams. The college explains what is eligible for college credit on their website, during a campus visit, or a phone call.  Follow the directions to apply.  The college or university will evaluate the scores and contact you about their findings.  Online colleges and universities offer ACT and SAT credit-by-exam opportunities as well.  

The ACT and SAT score are mandatory for many universities and colleges across the country.  Why can't you use the test to gain credit? Become a step closer to graduation.  For more information on ACT and SAT tests, contact us.

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