Method Test Prep Facts and Figures


Method Test Prep's online ACT/SAT Prep program has served students and schools all over the world for over 18 years. The following are some noteworthy numbers about the program (all numbers are accurate as of October, 2018).

819,828 Total student logins between July 15, 2017 and July 14, 2018
2,002 Total number of questions in our easy to use checklist of tasks (combined ACT & SAT); every question has a detailed explanation of the correct answer
1,281 Total number of English questions in our easy to use checklist of tasks (combined ACT & SAT); includes Writing and Language, Reading, English
1,169 Total number of schools, community organizations and independent counselors who subscribe to the online program
1,104 Total number of videos explaining how to get the correct answer to quiz questions; every quiz question has an explanatory video
541 Total number of Math questions in our easy-to-use checklist of tasks (combined ACT & SAT)
180 Total number of Science questions in our easy-to-use checklist of ACT tasks 
159 Total number of tasks including lessons, evaluation tests and full-length tests (combined ACT & SAT)
7:59 Total hours and minutes it would take to listen to the recordings of our lessons (combined ACT and SAT)
4 Number of full-length, timed practice tests (2 ACT, 2 SAT)

Number of months available to schools for a FREE TRIAL of the software

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Why do these numbers matter? They reflect the immense potential our program holds for students preparing for the ACT and SAT. The content and strategy featured within Method Test Prep increase student ability and confidence, boosting test scores and expanding college admissions opportunities. We're proud of all Method Test Prep has to offer!

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