Getting the Word Out About Method Test Prep

Imagine you buy your friend a shiny new laptop. This machine really is fantastic: it's got many new features ideal for productivity, and you got a great deal on it to boot. Now imagine you take the laptop and bury it in the most inconspicuous place possible within your friend's home––maybe at the back of a broom closet or beneath a pile of papers in a desk junk drawer. Six months later, you go to your friend, excited to hear about how the computer is working for her. You ask about it expectantly, only to hear an immensely disappointing response: uhh...haven't used it...what laptop?!

Pretty absurd story, right? And yet, imaginings like this one play out in real life for us at Method Test Prep almost daily. The moral, of course, is that despite having a great new laptop under her nose, your friend didn't––and couldn't––take advantage of it because she didn't know it was there. You provided her with a perfectly great product only to have it go unused. In a similar way, many students at schools that purchase our web-based program don't use it simply because they don't know it's available to them: mention of Method Test Prep ends up getting buried in mailers or in URLs deep within school website subpages.

So here it is: you can't expect your students to use Method Test Prep for SAT & ACT prep if they and their parents don't even know it's an option. But here is where you––counselors, teachers, and administrators––can be agents of change. Here are our suggestions for raising awareness of Method Test Prep at your school.

  1. Work with your IT administrator to highlight MTP on your school's website. SAT/ACT prep is an important part of most high school students' academic lives: it deserves a spot on the front page. Make "SAT and ACT Prep with Method Test Prep" conspicuous on your high school's main/home page. Parents will notice it, and that means their students will hear about it. If the home page is off limits, lobby for a page accessible right off the front page. The greater the number of clicks required, the lesser the chance of Method Test Prep being discovered.

  2. Devote time to SAT/ACT prep––and thus Method Test Prep––at college information presentations. Many school counseling departments have "junior college and career" nights at school, during which all things related to college applications are discussed. If your school's counseling department hosts one of these, take five minutes of the evening to explain what Method Test Prep is and how your students can access it.

  3. Make sure teachers and counselors are aware of the program and that they discuss it with students. This can be as simple as counselors highlighting the program during course scheduling meetings with students. Or, it could mean that math and English teachers are encouraged to periodically show the program to students at the start of class, or even to use it as part of their curricula. Whatever it is, the most important thing is that Method Test Prep is mentioned out loud to the students themselves.


Do you have ideas about how to spread the word about Method Test Prep? Share them in the comments section below!

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