SAT and ACT Study Tips: How to Beat Procrastination and Start Studying

ACT test prepBasic study skills and avoiding procrastination are keys to effective SAT test prep and ACT test prep. If you want to get more studying done – or want to help the student in your life get more studying done – check out these stay focused, stress-relieving tips from around the web.

How to Get Focused on Studying in Six Steps

Creating the right environment for studying is as simple as managing these six simple steps. From prepping with the right music, choosing the right time and taking care of your grumbling stomach, this article outlines a must do list and a bonus set of tips to get your studying on the right track.

Does Music Make You More Productive?

It turns out – it might! Many researchers have delved into the connection between music and study skills, and LifeHacker summarizes some of the top studies to find out what really works. Spoiler alert: The answer is “it depends.” If you find yourself motivated by music, give it a try!

Six Study Tips for High School or College Final Exams

Although SAT test prep and ACT test prep are a little different from studying for finals, these the basic principles of time management and having the right attitude apply. In this article from Examiner, you’ll learn how positive thinking and taking enough breaks can help you prepare for any test – from the SAT to your first college final.

Procrastination: How Adolescents Encourage Stress

Putting off things can be bad for your mental health! In this revealing Psychology Today article, we learn how procrastination can get in the way – and why teens and young adults are so likely to do it. This article wraps things up with some study smart strategies for adolescents, parents and teachers.

How to Avoid the All Nighter

All night studying might seem like a great idea – but it can be a nightmare for your brain power. Instead of cramming at the last minute, use these steps to prep thoroughly for a few weeks before the ACT or SAT.

Last Minute Studying Tips

If you didn’t heed any of this advice, don’t worry! You can still use last minute studying tips to get a few hour of studying in. This video from eHow shares some important strategies for making the most of your time before a big test – and can even be used for studying when you’re not under a looming deadline.

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