3 Reasons Why Summer is a Perfect Time for Online Test Prep

Online test prep   Summer resized 600Summer is the time for rest, relaxation and refocusing for students. These are the three reasons why summer is the perfect time to dive into an online test preparation course. During summer break, students can easily catch up on much needed sleep, make time for friends and make extra money working summer jobs. All of these factors can add to a sense of relief, security and peace. There is no better time to take on an important task like test prep too!


Exhaustion and lack of time are common complaints of over-stressed and overworked high school students. Throw in sports and extracurricular activities, and students rarely have a moment to truly focus. With a more relaxed summer schedule and (hopefully) increased sleep, students can actually find it an excellent time to begin an online test preparation course.

And having a respite from the busyness of a full school schedule, online summer courses can offer students the ability to focus on their test prep in a comfortable setting of their choice, and even show up in their pajamas! No early classes to deal with, no dress code required and class begins whenever you wake up! Excellent! There is much clinical research that a rested mind learns, retains and performs at a much higher capacity that an exhausted one. Summer online test prep courses meet students where they are rested, ready, and free of the stresses of the school year.


Summer is for relaxation, and created to give students a chance to catch their breath after the rigors of the school year. During this relaxed time, students can find and create new and different (and better) study practices. Clearly, students learn better in relaxed environments. For some, that might mean they are in their room with their laptops, working from the comfort of their own desk or even their bed. Others might find the local coffee shop or library more relaxing to work from.

The beauty of taking a test prep course in the summer is that student's environments are outside of the classroom. A break from the institutional "school" environment can allow students to relax and sink into their studies in a new and deeper way. And when students are more relaxed, they are likely to put more time into their studies. This additional relaxed focus study time can actually increase the effectiveness of online test prep. Reduced pressure and increased relaxation can increase performance.


Summertime is when the lessons of the year often catch up with students.  Reflecting on all they have learned in a relaxed atmosphere, with a rested mind and body, can help students refocus themselves and prepare for the year to come. These lessons can be both academic and life lessons. Both can affect their performance, in all they do, and especially in their online summer test prep programs. Students may be able to really improve their understanding of how to interpret instructional materials, and see the real correlations between serious test preparation, better test scores and greater successes in their collegiate futures.

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