4 Advances in Online Learning and Online Test Prep

ComputerOnline learning exploded in the new millennium. As part of this growth, online test preparation services equally expanded their offerings and continue to evolve each year. One fundamental advantage of the online learning revolution is that students can work within their own time frame and from wherever they have a computer. Companies and institutions also offering mobile options help keep students connected to their work and their learning communities. And both of these aspects have some companies creating successful, personalized learning solutions designed to engage students more effectively.

It’s Personal

Having the ability to personalize your learning experience is one of the greatest advances in online learning. Online test prep companies can construct personalized learning modules for students that meet them where their needs and capacities are. And students can find online colleges and university programs that fit their needs as well. Students meet the learning process when, where and how their lives allow for it. There is also an advantage of personalizing costs as well. Today’s students can save money taking classes online and at the pace they can afford. The flexibility of online coursework allows students to work, take care of their families and take classes simultaneously, if necessary.

Mobility and Connection

Social media has clearly made its way to the top of the list of web-based success stories. So it is no surprise that social media has embedded itself into all forms of online learning. This has streamlined the level of connectedness in education. Online learning has been translated into downloadable apps for smartphones and notebooks, so students can connect to their work (and to each other) anytime, from anywhere. Discussion forums and blog posts are the new homework and instructors give direction and feedback to groups of students via Skype sessions. That’s connection.

Monumental Availability and Accessibility

The web is at our fingertips, and that means online learning and test prep resources are too. These billion dollar industries are growing exponentially, which translates into better offerings that are more readily available. No waiting to register for classes or tutorials, or waiting until the library or bookstore is open to check out or purchase books. No more coordinate study sessions or setting appointments to talk with instructors. Now students can take virtual classes, watch webinars, download their reading materials and email their instructors anytime of the day or night. And even better yet, online score reporting means there is no more waiting for test scores to arrive in the mail. Virtually available and always accessible: 24/7- 365.


Notice how many free instructional tools there are available on the web today? Buying a book or taking a class has been replaced with the free online seminar, lecture or daily quiz. Though these freebies are teasers, usually designed to help sell the other “real” products, they can be quite valuable, and helpful. The College Board offers free online practice SAT tests, Q&As and many helpful tips via their website. Websites are the new marketplace and they are as full of free samples as your nearest grocery store!


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