Taking the SAT? Order the Question and Answer Service!

May 2011 SAT

Teachers! Parents! Students! Make sure everyone you know who is taking the SAT this weekend has ordered the Question and Answer service. If you are reading this post after this weekend, no problem: The service can still be ordered after the exam has been taken. Either way, a student just needs to log on to his or her College Board account to sign up for the Question and Answer Service.

Here are some Frequently Asked Questions about the Question and Answer Service:

What is the College Board Question and Answer Service?

The College Board will mail home a copy of the SAT exam that the student took along with the student’s answer key. This way, students can see exactly which questions they got wrong so they know what to improve on for next time. This takes away a common frustration about the SAT: Students get a score that they are not completely satisfied with but they have no idea which questions they missed.

How much does it cost?

The Question and Answer Service costs $18. Student who qualify for a fee waiver on the test itself are also entitled to a fee waiver on the service.

Why is the Question and Answer Service so helpful?

As an educator, I love going over the Question and Answer Service with a student. I look for the easiest questions that the student missed and have the student try again to prove he or she can get the question on his or her own. Or I show the student the step or strategy he or she was missing to solve the question easily. I remind the student that each additional question correct will often result in a 10 POINT increase on his or her score. Once we have gone over 5 questions that the student realizes he or she could have answered correctly, I point out that his or her score would now be 50 POINTS HIGHER just from those 5 questions alone. This is a powerful way for a student to feel more confident about the next SAT!

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