SAT Test Taking Strategies

Recently a student asked me “What are the best SAT test taking strategies?” and my response was “practice, practice, practice.”  This may seem like a generic answer from a person who works for a SAT test prep company but the truth is, just learning a few SAT test taking strategies will never substitute for a few solid hours of SAT practice.  

A few popular strategies

Don’t get me wrong- there are SAT test taking strategies that students should know.  For example “Plug in Numbers” is probably the most important math strategy a student can learn because it can be used on almost half of the math questions on the test.  Another popular strategy is to attack each blank in the question one at a time on the “two-blank” questions of the Critical Reading section.   Other common SAT test taking strategies include “Learn the section directions before the test” or “Answer easy questions first.”  As you can see, there is no shortage of SAT test taking strategies which is why it’s so important for students to put the time in practicing.   After all, what good does it do to know the name of a SAT test taking strategy if you can’t put it to use?

Practice with Method Test Prep

One easy way for students to learn and practice SAT test taking strategies is to go to the Lessons/Quizzes section of their Method Test Prep account.  We use a two phase method to teach students every important SAT test taking strategy.  First, students will listen to a tutor explain the strategy while they read along.   Second, students will take a quiz on the strategy they just learned.  Go to to login to your account or click on the “free trial” button and the first two weeks of practice is on us. 

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