3 Differences Between a Teacher and a Tutor

Tutors Avatar resized 600On the internet, you never know what a company’s going to claim. So many online ACT and SAT prep classes say that they have the best tutors available to help your student do well on their test, but is this the best plan of action?

At Method Test Prep, we have a staff of professional, experienced teachers who can help your student in ways that tutors never could. How? Here are 5 key differences between teachers and tutors that could be the deciding factor in your student’s test success:

1. Qualifications 

Schools and educational companies require teachers to have a bachelor’s degree in their subject of expertise, as well as a teaching license or certification. Some even require teachers to have master’s degrees.

On the other hand, there’s no universal standard for tutors to qualify as tutors and help students with their homework. This doesn’t mean they’re all bad, but it does mean there’s no easy way to tell that the tutor will actually be able to help your student in his/her ACT/SAT prep classes.

2. Knowledge

Teachers are highly familiar with their subjects, to the degree that they’re even able to prepare their own materials and lessons in regular school settings. At MTP, this means they know the study sections and test preparation inside and out.

Tutors just come up alongside a student and help him/her to understand how to apply what they’ve learned. While this may seem like a useful skill, not all tutors are going to be familiar with the tests unless they’ve specifically studied them and run their own ACT prep classes or SAT prep classes.

3. Flexibility

The teachers here know how to be flexible because they’ve worked with multiple students and various learning abilities over the years. They also work with your student online, which can come with its own issues that call for flexibility (like technical problems, for example).

A tutor, on the other hand, won’t necessarily know how to work with your particular student’s needs if they’ve never run across them before, and they won’t be familiar with the functions and capabilities of the MTP online ACT or SAT prep classes.

Overall, it’s in your student’s best interest to go with the teachers we have here at MTP. Students will end up more successful in their prep classes and study because the teachers have the right qualifications, are familiar with the materials, and can be flexible with the students’ learning needs. 

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