3 Things You’ll Love About Online Test Prep

valentines day resized 600With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, it’s nearly impossible to get away from all the pink and red. Everyone’s talking about their special someone or how much they love their friends and family.

But why does Valentine’s Day have to be limited to the people around us? Aren’t there also things that make our lives easier that we also couldn’t live without?

As educators, you probably love a lot of products that make your life easier, such as your planner or a digital file submission option for your students to turn in their homework.

And even though you probably don’t think about it, online test prep is another one of those incredibly useful materials you can’t help but love. Here’s why:

1. It takes the pressure off you to create test prep for students.

A lot of times, teachers are asked to provide information and study guides for their students about the ACT and SAT. This just means more work for you as you gather information from your subject that your students may need to know for the tests.

However, online test prep means no more sitting up late creating study guides or handouts for students preparing to take the ACT or SAT. All the work is left up to the program, and you just need to be ready to answer student questions.

2. It can be done from almost anywhere in the world.

Sometimes students wind up sick at home (or something else happens) and aren’t able to make it to in-class test review. But if they had been taking online test prep, it wouldn’t matter.

Students can access their test prep courses from anywhere they have a solid internet connection, which means you don’t need to be concerned about someone missing in-class review sessions. Less worries on your end!

3. It can give you feedback about each student.

Many online test prep courses provide reports and feedback on how each student performs throughout the program. These can be highly beneficial for you as the teacher to know where students need review before they take the actual ACT or SAT. You can give students struggling the attention they need, while the ones who are doing well can continue on in their test prep.

This feedback’s also helpful because it will show you where your class’s curriculum is weak, so you can improve in those areas for the following school years. This will also ensure student testing success in your classroom.

These are just some of the reasons you might fall in love with online test prep. It may seem weird to think that you could be in love with a program, but it truly makes your life easier as an educator. That seems like enough of a reason to celebrate it this Valentine’s Day!

Are there other reasons you love online test prep?

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