5 Tips To Find College Scholarships

CMCollege is getting more expensive every year. Student debt is extremely stressful for college graduates, and it's on the rise. This is why it is important to be proactive to find college scholarships you qualify for. Here are five tips to find scholarships. 

1. Guidance Counselor: Make an appointment to speak with your high school guidance counselor. He/She will have access to the most popular scholarships, but also regional ones. Local businesses that have a scholarship program reach out to the local high schools to spread the word.

2. Search Non-Academic: Not all scholarships are based on GPAs. There are several groups that offer scholarships based on other curriculums, such as, hobbies, religion, disabilities, mothers only and even addiction survivors. That's just naming a few, the possibilities are endless. Check with local Rotary, Lion and Eagles clubs.  

3. Major Specific: If you already know your field, check businesses in your field. For example, if you are a nursing major, check with hospitals. Maybe you are going into architecture, check local firms. Many companies also have reimbursement programs; this is where you get reimbursed for a number of college hours. 

4. Directly To Student Aid: Go directly to the college you are applying to. Talk to the financial-aid department. They should have packets of information, both locally and nationally.

5. Ask, Ask, Ask!: Ask everyone in your circle if they know of any scholarships. Ask your parents to ask their employers and friends at work. Ask your grandparents, co-workers and friends. Even post the question on your social media accounts, it's amazing how many people will respond. 

Make paying for college easier on yourself through scholarships. Be diligent and apply for as many as possible. Always remember to check the Internet. For more information on preparing for college, contact us.

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